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Insuring Against Loss

Insurance is one of your greatest protections in life and in business and you cannot be with out it. It is necessary cost of doing business in every sense. Protecting your investment in capital goods will prevent you from losing your ability to recover from accident or disaster. There are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself from loss, which will help justify your claim in case of problems. The first thing you should do is make a list of all of the capital goods in your business. This should include a description of the item by brand name, the item number, warranty number, date of purchase, and cost. You can keep this list in an Access file in your MS Office Suite. It will then become part of your computer backup system. In this way you can protect yourself in case of a loss by having a complete list of all of your capital goods. Maintaining a computer backup of your inventory items will also protect you in case of loss. These backups of your computer system then become part of your insurance program and serve as proof of the value you would need for an insurance claim. Another suggestion for protecting yourself is to keep all items proving your ownership of capital goods in a safety deposit box and only keep copies in your office.

The Insurance industry is one of those mazes in which you can become inextricably lost. The number of competing companies and diverse services is literally enormous. For this reason there needs to be someone you can refer your problems to, who will examine your company and create a package to satisfy your particular needs. Refer to your local Portney Consulting professional for advice on selecting a consultant to meet your needs.


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