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Estates & Trusts from Portney & Company

Unless you are a professional trustee, very likely you became a trustee or executor at the request of a relative or friend, and very likely you have no professional accounting or tax training. Even a professional trustee very often has an understanding of the local probate code, but is not an expert in taxes.

Our staff at Portney & Company understands your dilemma. We know that your goal is to do your job with the least amount of conflict with beneficiaries, and the tax authorities. We can advise you as to the proper accounting for income and expenses under your local law, assist you with required accounting reports, and prepare the necessary tax returns for the trust or estate. Please contact us at support@portney.com for a discussion of any additional questions you may have.

The Steps Involved :


We emphasize planning and tailor it to our client's needs. Because every individual is unique, each estate plan is, too. An estate represents the personality and accumulation of a lifetime and the legacy which will be passed on. We educate our clients about tax and legal structures and advise them how best to provide for those they wish to benefit and how to leave the least amount legally required to the government. Where document drafting is required, we work with the client's own attorney or refer to local counsel.

Some of the structures/documents we advise on include: living trusts, testamentary trusts, wills, marital trusts, various grantor-retained income trusts, charitable trusts, generation-skipping trusts and private foundations.

The Responsibilities Of Being a Trustee with Discretion

»  Forms 706, U.S. Estate Tax Return and all related state returns.
»  Fiduciary income tax returns, federal and state, for trusts, estates, conservatorships, private foundations, charitable remainder trusts.
»  Trust accountings and accompanying financial statements.

We assist executors and/or trustees in carrying out the wishes of the deceased as stated in his/her will or trust. Often this includes financial accounting and reporting, inventory of assets, preparation of various court-required documents, notice to banks or brokerages and insurance companies, preparation of tax returns and distributions to beneficiaries. Many times a family member who has been named trustee or executor is unwilling or unable to carry out the responsibility. We help by providing an appropriate level of service to insure obligations are met timely and appropriately. Our Firm handles the day-to-day administration of many estates and trusts of all sizes and complexity. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Firm is capable of preparing all necessary calculations, accountings and estate, gift and fiduciary income tax returns. The Firm also regularly represents estates and trusts in proceedings involving the Internal Revenue Service and other tax authorities. Email us at support@portney.com

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