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Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You
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Are You in Control of
your Accounting Software?

Do you still try to control your company with an old time ledger? Think of those old dusty filing cabinets. Think of all of that paper that you have to dig through to find an unpaid invoice or a contested bill. What if you could look at the records of the Anderson job without touching a single piece of paper? Did you lose the bill for that paint order? Is there a way to help yourself out of the paperwork morass and keep better control of your business?

Yes, there is. There are several accounting software programs on the market now that can help you stay on top of your business and do a better job planning your future. What if you knew weeks ahead of time that a job was going to come in cheaper than you hoped and you'd have some extra working capital? An accounting software package can keep you in control of your finances. There are two small business packages on the market now that can help you do a more professional job and even make your checks and invoices easier to track and better looking. Both QuickBooks® for smaller businesses and Peachtree for businesses doing more than one million dollars in annual revenue can provide you with control of your daily transactions. Your bookkeeper will love you for this and you always know where you stand.

Password protected systems like PC Anywhere will make this all possible.

But what if you have a problem? And there are always problems with any systems. Whatever computers do to speed up the number of things that we can do in a day or increase our productivity and streamline our office communications or increase our profits, there will always be problems. What do you do when you run into problems?

Call our Portney Consulting Telephone Support Center in your area, that's what. Do you want your bookkeeper coming to you with ever problem entering data into QuickBooks or would you prefer that they call somewhere where they can get a quick and accurate answer. Most of the problems that you will be encountering with your Windows and QuickBooks system can be easily handled by our local Telephone Support Centers. Many of these questions will be QuickBooks software accounting questions, which can be answered quickly and accurately by our trained telephone support personnel.


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