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Business Management for Individuals and Small to Medium Business

The business manager handles the financial affairs high income individuals and small to medium size business. Most have degrees in business administration with concentrations in accounting or management. The business manager should have knowledge of negotiating, accounting skills, investments, and tax laws. Business Managers charge a fee of between 4 and 5% depending on the scope of services provided.
In cooperation with our division, Portney Management Group, we perform many functions in overseeing the financial affairs of our clients. Among the services we provide are:

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Monitoring of Income and Expenses
  • Financial Reporting
  • Personal Expenditure Budgets
  • Tax Planning
  • Federal and Mulit-State Tax Compliance
  • Financing Application Preparation
  • Insurance Administration
  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • College and Educational Savings Programs
  • Business management
  • Day-to-day cash management
  • Bill paying
  • Wealth management
  • Personal support

By overseeing all financial aspects of our clients’ lives, we strive to maximize their earnings, preserve their assets and plan for the future. With business and personal finances in our experienced hands, our talented clients can focus on their careers. Our clients can be secure in the knowledge that their finances are being handled with integrity and care and that their interests are being protected by our knowledgeable and professional team.

Portney Management Group
A Division of Portney & Company, CPA's






PORTNEY MANAGEMENT GROUP Business Management provides objective advice on taxation, wealth protection, post-career planning, and privacy management. When appropriate, your PORTNEY MANAGEMENT GROUP Business Manager communicates and coordinates with your agent to ensure that cash-flow needs are met and contract specifics are clear.



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